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Welcome to the Turnip Patch!

The Turnip Patch is a place to share stories and creativity. Started in 2019 during Covid, the website was originally a way to cope with the isolation. Now, it's a place for creative growth and inspiration.

Turan is a pen name used by the author, the turnips were just a creative idea used from a nickname given. All art posted and used on the website was created by Turan and is not for distribution use of any kind.

If you are looking to reach out for collaboration ideas, permissions, comments, or complaints, you can reach us at

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The website is undergoing some changes. We are working on making it as userfriendly as possible. Let us know if there are any issues and we'll take care of it.

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Nikkie Lauran (UK)

All round excellent!

Turan (CA)

4/5 stars, always striving to be better

Brae (CA)

Turnips are cute
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