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Hello 2022!

Hello Raga-rootlings!

It’s been several weeks since taking my break, but with a new year starts new posts! But first, I want to wish you all a happy new year! May we start afresh and keep to those goals we all know we want to start but somehow forget a few months in! This year, my goal is to start editing my book “Darkness Succumbs” correctly and hopefully get it done this year! It’s been two years since I started writing it, and once I finished, I took a significant break from it.

My second goal is to complete the short story series that I have on the go. I’ve been reading and learning a lot about writing styles, and hopefully, I can make a positive change in how I’ve been stumbling through most of my stories. It will be a bumpy road, and there will be a lot of failures made, but that is how we grow! Honestly, I feel like I’ve enjoyed the road towards the end goal a lot more than the finish line because it means I’m still writing! Still, I have so many ideas and never enough time to write them all out. If only I could write in my dreams, it would save me loads of time!

Although it is the new year, I haven’t decided when I am officially going to be resuming my regular scheduling time. I do have a discord dedicated to the Raga-Rootling squad. Anyone is welcome to join, share, and discuss art or literature. I also post updates to when I have uploaded content and where. You can always follow by subscribing or following me on my blogs. I look forward to another year with you all. Happy New years and may this year be more productive than the last!

Turan Turnip.

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