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Small updates for January

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Hey Raga-rootlings!

It has been one crazy week here at the Patch as we have been building, creating and (personally for me) editing. There isn’t really too much to report, so I will keep it brief. As you know, the release of Beauty and the Nerd has officially launched and I am excited and nervous to hear your thoughts over the coming months. I have lots of plans in the making to bring along the story such as details and character bio’s for you to see and explore. There will be some behind the scene stuff as well for those who are interested in joining Patreon and being a part of that.

I am also excited to state that in the next week, I am starting to stream emulator games and such on twitch as a way to keep busy and update everyone who wishes to join. It will be just us hanging out, chatting and possible discussions. At the moment we are starting my favorite video game franchise, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Every Tuesday and Thursday we will notify through discord when we launch, so check out the website for the link.

Some other small news to share is that next week I officially start university classes. On top of that, I am also looking into redoing “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. I may have mentioned this a few times before in my posts, yet just in case I will go into it a little more. “The Artist’s Way” is a book that is there to help creatives unblock or help aid in times of hardships. It can be a challenge for people who are going through depressions or even this pandemic and for myself, it has taken quite a toll on my own self-confidence. I decided that along with all the changes in my life from starting this blog, creating stories and sharing them and even with meditations and journaling, I wanted to share my growth with you all. I have no expectations of anyone following along or joining me, this was just my choice since I am seeking personal growth in my writing and creativeness. Usually, on Mondays, I post some kind of update so if anyone is interested in following along the journey I am going through. I will try to keep “The Artist’s Way” and blog updates and news separate as to not bore you.

Even though these are small updates, I am excited to show the end results as a way for those to continue to enjoy the content I produce. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and will keep you all posted. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me thus far and I look forward to seeing you all again soon! Until next week's Ongoing story, bye for now!

Turan Turnip

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