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Start of a great vegetation patch!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Hello Raga-rootlings,

My name is Turan and I go by Turnip! (a really cheesy name I know)

I wanted to start the blog off with a welcome and thank you. I had an idea of starting this years ago but never thought I had enough to write about to make it worth it. I've been privately writing to my google docs like it was love letters to my lover and yet, there was a sense of ... well emptiness.

I love to write, create and story tell and google docs allows me to do all that and more but with the big obvious cavern of the missing audience. So, without adieu, I bring to you the small starting of a turnip patch. It's small but one day it will sprout that of an army that will take over the food market! I promise it will not always be terrible produce puns, but with great stories that I create and wish to share. Other than this first ice-breaking blog, I will share my favourite short story I ever wrote. This will get the flow of the works going and in no time I will venture out and share more of my delightful goodies with the rest of you!

With great love and anticipation, I hope to see you all again!


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