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The Turnip Patch is growing! it's about time we got these stories organized. Time to separate the long and short stories from the updates!

Table of Contents

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Prompts gotten from books, Twitter, Reddit, etc, and any challenge I can think of to continue to help me improve.

Original stories written from inspirations, dreams, or suggested topics.

An ongoing series about a gypsy girl who can see those who have already passed. In her attempt to flee the continent with her sister, Drina falls in love with a girl destined to die.

Something seems different about the Academy Sarah is going to, not to mention the strange rules. Video games are all the rage, and it plays a huge part in the school feud. It all concerns a secret war within the town and those whose blood can access the code to fight. Which side will Sarah join, and will she be able to fit in?

Writing Prompts / Challenge

Voidlessly Alive - Jan 31/2022
The Moment After Death - May 24/2021
The Meal
Mother Used to Make - May 18/2021

Truthful Deceit - May 25/2022
Real-Life Subtitles - May 11/2022
Wardon of Conspiracy - April 27/2022


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Short stories / One shots

Unmasking True Hate - August 24/2022
Unobtainable Hope - July 27/2022
Painful Loss - July 13/2022
Strike for Power - July 6/2022
Creeping Doubt - June 24/2022
Failing Inspection - July 12/2021
Cry About It Later - July 2/2021
Overtaking Kings - Jan 22/2021
Beauty and the Nerd: Christmas special - Dec 11/2020
Old Tales Can Kill - Dec 4/2020
Unexpected Changes - Nov 20/2020

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Whispering Death

Currently unavailable - undergoing editing.

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Codexing Against Blood

Currently unavailable - undergoing editing.

Writing Prompts/Challenges
Short stories/Oneshots
Whispering Death
Codexing Against Blood
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