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Making some major changes around here.

Hey Raga-rootlings!

I have been busy drawing, writing, moving pages and all the fun things a website can offer when trying to build. I have decided that instead of using patreon for my art and stories, to just make them all combined on here! Since the membership is free, all you need to do is log on and vuala! You can read all the new chapters released from Beauty and the Nerd and the preview chapters of Darkness Succumbs. I also have a new story in the works and am really excited about eventually releasing chapters for you to all enjoy.

For the time being, I am mostly going to focus on writing short stories and continue to post them on the blog. I have been doing some reddit prompts which have been super fun and inspiring to me so I will be posting them here as well so everyone can enjoy them. I have also been learning how to use my new draw pad and creating all my characters! While I am working on my stories, I will be eventually making a gallery of all the new pictures I draw for my characters. Hopefully this will be soon as I am still fiddling around with both my tablet and the website.

I am also still working on finding an editor for my Darkness Succumbs to eventually publish the story. I am pretty excited to finally finish writing the last few chapters and bringing it all to closure. Instead of hoping to get Patreon users to finally subscribe, I have a donations button that if you wish to help support me in finding an editor, every penny will be going into my goal to accomplish this. The biggest support that I could ever ask for however, is just you reading and becoming a member! Without you, there isn't really much for my stories and I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts. I am always looking for a challange to write so if you think there is a cool idea you want to see come to life, leave a comment below!

Well thank you for all the support and I look forward to the future! See you around!

Turan Turnip

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